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Course Objective
Singapore is growing in prestige as an educational centre, attracting students from India, China and various countries of Southeast Asia. Its emphasis on science, mathematics, information technology and languages gives foreign students an edge when they graduate from Singapore and return to their parent countries.

However, they face a serious disadvantage when they first step into Singapore. Not only do they find themselves behind their Singaporean peers in terms of educational standards, they also confront a socio-cultural gap. In order to help them adjust educationally, socially and emotionally to Singapore's system, TeleLingua has a preparatory course on survival skills for them. It is called Community Culture Induction Programme, which aims to familiarize foreign students with the local environment (school and community culture, academic and social expectations, infrastructure and facilities for residents in Singapore).

Types of Courses
TeleLingua provides intensive preparatory courses for foreign students aged from 6 to 18 who intend to study in Singapore government schools. The levels of the courses range from Primary 1 to Secondary 3 levels. The students may begin a 4-month or 8-month preparatory course. The duration of study will depend on the student's initial proficiency of English and his rate of progress. All students (except for beginners) who wish to study at our school will be required to take a placement test to ascertain their levels.
English & Mathematics Package Course
This is a full-time course that prepares the student for the English and Mathematics examinations for entrance into the schools.

The subjects are being offered in accordance with the syllabus set out by the Ministry of Education. We adopt an examination-oriented approach to study, emphasising style, examination techniques and working through many questions covering all aspects of examination syllabus in order for them to pass the entrance examination.

English Language Course
This is a full-time course, which covers the English syllabus at Primary and Secondary levels in line with the Ministry of Education syllabus. The course gears students to a competent standard of English to enable them to cope with the academic needs when they enter Singapore schools.
Mathematics Course

Students can opt for this part-time Mathematics course in addition to the full-time English course.

Chinese Language Course

This is a full time course for students who wish to take Chinese as a Second Language. The course consists of four levels: Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. The course follows the syllabus of the Ministry of Education.

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